Target of the project:
    The main goal of the project is to enable the user to design their own evaluation boards, modules, and controllers of various difficulty levels. The ability to use modules and controllers in a wide range of tasks, such as automation, security systems, IoT, smart home projects, education, etc.

    The project is open source. Microcontrollers of the STM32F103, STM32F303 series are used

    You can start getting acquainted / programming with the well-known
"blue pill".
    The module is assembled from the necessary set of PCB. Various sensors / actuators from Arduino can be used.
The modules can be used to solve various tasks, for example, "smart house", IoT, industrial automation, ...

project has an open architecture that makes it easy to integrate with various solutions, both hardware and software.

The components of the module are designed for installation in a
enclosure box on a DIN rail.
A system module is a collection of hardware and software components.
The master module can be anything from a simple microcontroller to a computer with an operating system:
• based on STM32Fxxx without operating system
• Raspberry PI and the like with Linux
• x86 with different operating systems
When creating subordinate modules we will use STM microcontrollers (STM32F10x, STM32F30x). The simplest evaluation board is the
Pill" STM32F103C8T6.

As an example, various modules for Arduino can be used as sensors / actuators.